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    Has Been or Had Been

    Hi ,

    I am abit confused regarding "Has Been" and "Had Been". I have a few statement below and I am not too sure whether have I wrote correctly.

    -By working closely with my team members, the work order assigned to me have been delivered successfully and on time.
    -->Am I right to use "Have Been"?

    -Required programs have been migrated properly and implemented in production.
    -Documentations have been updated according to the required changes.
    -->Am I suppose to use "had been " in this statement as this is already a past event?

    Hope someone help me out.

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    Re: Has Been or Had Been

    #1. You need to use "has been" since "order" is singular.

    #2. It depends on what is meant. Either is valid. If you are reporting that the work has been done, then use "have been." If you are contrasting a past event to something else, then use "had been." The programs had been updated, but new changes require another revision.


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