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    baby back ribs

    Dear all,

    What is the meaning of "baby back ribs" in this context:

    A girl is mocking at people who take fashion shows so seriously to the extent that they don't even smile.

    "people were following so seriously. I was like, is this really that serious? Mmm, helloo, ooh. This is like me and football, or me and baby back ribs."

    I know the literal meaning, but "football" is understood here because they were making sounds as if there is a touchdown or something. But what what that has to do with "baby back ribs"

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: baby back ribs

    The speaker is comparing the love for fashion to his or her love for football and his love for ribs. Intense and passionate, in other words.

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    Re: baby back ribs

    Baby back ribs is his favourite meat dish - pictured here;

    baby back ribs - Google Search

    (They taste better than they look.)


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