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Thread: Is that right?

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    Is that right?

    Part a. the curriculum

    The curriculum
    Lesson I: Concept of soil and soil properties
    I. Introduction:
    Soils are both of fixed fortune and productive material. Under people’s impact, soil can change following two opposite ways: the first site, soil quality will get better if people apply an appreciative method to improve and exploit it, other site, if people do not know how to use and exploit pertinently cause soil erosion and productivity loss. Farmers need to know about concept of soil to use and exploit it pertinently and sustainably.

    II. Objects
    After ending of this course, trainees can achieve:
    1) The basic concept of soil
    2) Soil properties
    3) Can apply the knowledge of soil and suggest technical methods for improving land on their farm.
    III. Time: 170 mins
    IV. Materials
    - Some popular soil samples at local area:
    - Paper A4, A0, pens, magnifier, knife, scissors, pliers
    - Notes: can take soil sample at different soil stage
    - V. Contents and operation
    Step1: Introduction of topic, objects, demanding and group division 10 mins
    Step2: collection of sample (integrating fielding as visit garden and visit field) 30 mins
    Step3: trainees observe and descript all kinds of collected samples 30 mins
    Relax 10 mins
    Step4: Group discussion
    Suggestive question:
    1. What is mechanical component of soil?
    2. What are each level soil properties?
    3. What is soil structure?
    4. What is factors impact to soil vien structure?
    5. what’s the benefit of soil has vien structure:
    - To soil?
    - To crops?
    6. What is the method for improving soil to change condition of cultivation? 30 mins
    Step5: the groups present discussion result on paper A0 20 mins
    Step6: the groups present the result in frond of class 30 mins
    7. Trainer coordinates with trainees to summarize the subject. 10 mins
    Notes: During the discussion, trainer should use suggestive questions to facilitate them.

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    Re: Is that right?

    What do you mean by 'fixed fortune'? I haven't heard this phrase before.

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    Re: Is that right?

    Dear teacher,

    "Fixed fortune": it means that soil is a fortune, an assets that can not move. please revise my essay as soon as you possible.
    many thanks
    best regards


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