Words :300
Topic:How do movies or television influence people’s behavior?Use reasons and specific example to support your answer.
New technologies bring new traditions between people in today’s world. These new technologies, have merits as well as demerits also. To compete, we have to change ourselves’ behavior very rapidly and sometimes we don’t know that we have adapted the changes in ourselves behavior. There are many contributing factors like movies and television. The people’s behavior changes according to how they see & what they see on television or in movie.
The television changes the mind and behavior of children mainly. On television, many shows are being shown to the people weather they are good or bad. It is well known fact that the childrens are not being mature in their small age. So they can easily capture what we learn them. For instance, Wrestiling shows are the worst shows on television and they can affect the behavior of chidren very badly. There are many movies involve violence, sex, politics and robbery and they affect the people’s behavior very badly especially in the age of adolescent. There are many shows on television which are good for chidren as well as people also. For example, the short telefilm of Mahatma Gandhi are shown on the television & it is very beneficial for the development of mind of small age child. These good shows on television have good impact on the people’s behavior. By watching these good shows, people can become noble person and chidren can become knowledgable, altruistic and aristocratic in the world. Furthermore, people can aware themselves from fraud which are present around themselves.
Ultimately, the television and movies influence people’s behavior very rapidly and modify their behavior very fast. It depends only on how we see and what contents we see on the television and in movies and according to that TV shows and movies can alter others behavior.