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Thread: twisted fe???

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    twisted fe???

    This is from "Small Ville"
    I already have a bad sense of the two words, but I'm just curious what they actually mean. I know fetish is some sexual tool, but what is twisted?
    I guess toolbox is where the fetishes are contained.

    ....woman: Grabbing women from the shadows, lip-smacking them, and then running off into the night?
    Kind of makes you wonder what other little twisted fetishes he has in his toolbox.

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    Re: twisted fe???

    I am not a teacher.

    That is poorly written. "Toolbox" does not fit.

    The "fetish" in your sentence is not any kind of object, it is an appetite for odd sex.

    "Toolbox" is used figuratively. The writer meant that the subject probably has several fetishes, and that he can select among them the way a workman might pick a tool to use.

    "Twisted" is the opposite of "straight". It is used to refer to sexual activity that is abnormal, often harmful. "Kinky" is a similar word of this kind.

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