I have never written a letter of motivation (cover letter) before. I feel like I know the English language well enough to write a decent letter. In general, I like to express myself in a clear and concise way. I don't like to use complicated words just to impress the reader. I will use 'fancy' words (to the extent that my vocabulary allows me) if it helps me to express myself better.

I am applying for a Master's degree programme in International Business. A letter of motivation is required for this. What I have been considering is a different approach to the usual letter of motivation. My motivation is very strong, but it feels like an impossible task to write a letter that gives a realistic picture of just how strong it is.

I would like to prove my motivation but also, through my letter, show what kind of person I am; how I deal with problems, how I view life etc. So I thought, what if I would write part of the letter in an organized way, a way that would show my way of thinking and make it clear just how important the education is for my future.

I start off by explaining what my ultimate goal in life is. Let's say this is a feeling of content, having gained life experience and accomplished something. To reach this goal I have to go through different steps, each one leading to the next, until I'm at the top. I establish the fact that a large part of my life I spend working. As this is the case, I don't want to simply work to pay the bills. My career should also be something I enjoy, something that contributes to my ultimate goal. To attain a job I enjoy I need a good education (theoretical foundation). The degree programme I am applying for is the best option I have.

This would only be a part of my letter. I don't want to come off as the dry type. I'm a pragmatist and a realist, and when it comes to big decisions I like to break it down into logical steps. I want the letter to reflect this part of my personality.

Does it make sense to dedicate one paragraph to this? I would greatly appreciate comments from those of you with experience. Thank you in advance.