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Thread: I find IT hard

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    I find IT hard

    Dear Teachers,

    I have a sentence I don't understand.

    Here's the sentence:
    "I find IT hard to work on this project."

    It's the "IT" that gives me a problem. I tried to replace it. Here's my version "I find THAT THAT IS hard to work on this project." Or maybe "I find THAT IT IS hard to work on this project." First, I would like to know if my two sentences are right. I would like also to know if they are equivalent to the original sentence.

    Thank you very much,


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    Re: I find IT hard

    I find it hard... and I find that it is hard... mean essentially the same thing.

    Your that that is hard... sentence is awkward and difficult to understand.

    The meaning is: Working on this project is difficult for me. If, however, by IT you mean the capital letters I and T which means information technology and not the word it, then your sentence will have an entirely different meaning.

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