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    this is another dialogue

    Hello! This is my another attempt to write down a dialogue, and i need your help to find mistakes out of it so that i could get better expression in spoken.

    John: Hello Bob, how have you been?
    Bob: I am excellent. And how about yourself?
    John: Very well. Hey Bob, have u written the letter to your friend Ann?
    Bob: Oh yeah, I have done and posted it, either.
    John: Good, You are really very responsible and punctual.
    Bob: Thank for the compliment. It seems like everyone should develop a good sense of responsibility. Because it doesnít let us down before others, and help us to do our all deeds conveniently, without extra burden.
    John: Yeah you are right. Oh, I remembered, how about your CSS result. Have you got through?
    Bob: Yeah I did, but couldnít get good position.
    John: May I ask what position you got?
    Bob: Yeah, I have got 23rd position.
    John: Not bad actually Bob. You know it doesnít necessary that all of our expectations come true. So, donít lose your heart at all, and keep on putting efforts. And itíll sound good if you reappear in the CSS exam.
    Bob: Yeah, actually it is what I have decided.
    John: Good, thatís the courage. Best of luck.
    Bob: Oh thanks a lot for your encouragement.
    John: My pleasure! I am sure that youíll show better result this time. By the way, when your exam is going to be held?
    John: Well, I am not sure about the date of commencement of the exams. Perhaps, itís starting from 21st January. Well, Iíll check it out through the internet, and then let u know.
    John: okay, but you should start preparing from right now so that you get well-prepared.
    Bob: Yeah you are right, Iíll
    John: Okay Bob, I should leave now so that u could give your time to your study. Catch up with you later.
    John: Sure thing. See you then. bye
    Please give me some suggestion also to make my expression better.

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    Re: this is another dialogue

    With the results of the CSS, I would say 'I came 23rd', rather than use your phrase with position.

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    okay now i will use this pharase ...a bundle of thanks.

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