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    Unhappy what does " CD drop-in-the-box" mean?

    Here is the context blow:

    SQL 2000 Workgroup Edition and Standard Edition via CD drop-in-the-box

    Thank you!

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    Re: what does " CD drop-in-the-box" mean?

    I have only found the following:

    "Drop in the box" can mean
    - the opposite of preinstalled
    - a product in a box from the seller

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    Re: what does " CD drop-in-the-box" mean?

    Hanka's probably correct about the preinstallation.

    Let's say you bought a computer for server use. Unless you have no idea what you're doing you probably want to set up the server yourself. So the hardware comes with nothing installed and instead people who'd pack your computer drops a copy of the needed software, in your case it'd be the SQL 2000, in the package (box), hence the name 'drop-in-the-box'. You'd then install it yourself.

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