Hi!That is my second try for writing my motivation letter.Can anyone correct me or tell me an opinion?
Thanks a lot.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I hereby apply for entrance to the Master’s Programme in Accounting and Control for the 2011 autumn term. I am very interested in this degree and I am confident that my strong background in accounting combined with my work experience will fulfill your requirements.
During the past four years I studied Accountancy and Finance at the Athens University of Economics and Business. My degree specializes in accounting, International Accounting Standards (IAS), finance, internal control, business management and marketing .Parallel to my degree I have been spending my summers and free time working for an Accounting firm improving my skills in accounting information systems, in business relationships and transactions with customers/suppliers and in internal audit.
Choosing this specific master programme comes from the fact that it will allow me to deeply understand the important connection of accountancy with control and help me gain experience and practical knowledge in the interesting internal control field. All that knowledge is necessary for my further career aspirations of becoming an internal auditor with an excellent cognition of accounting. Of course I realize both the difficulty and tough competition of this programme, but I strongly believe that I have the requested qualifications and power will for learning.
Furthermore I really hope this graduate programme could give me the opportunity to study in an international environment, improve my fluency in both languages I already speak (English and German), create new relationships with people from diverse cultures and broaden my horizons.
Finally, I really look forward for a positive reply, so I can prove my abilities and gain new skills.
Thank you in advance
Yours sincerely,