Hello friends
Can anyone of you please correct the bold words in the text if they are wrong?
I want to know if I have used the tenses correct

I have tried so many times to find a way to communicate(with) her.
I have sent her 2 messages on Facebook but she has not answered either of it yet and I think she never will because I'm sure when she's online in/on Facebook she doesn't look into her inbox.
I had once a chance on logging into my friends account who is a friend of hers on Facebook.He had permitted me to log into his facebook account and send her a message and see if she would reply.
I sent her the message from my friend's account and she hasn't answered it neither.No answers has come back since then.Then I thought about getting her phone number and try to send her a text message

Now in this text
1)Have I used the tenses correct?
2)Are the words "neither", "log into", "since then" correctly used?
3)I am not sure if this part is correct:I had once a chance on logging into my friends account

Sorry that it's a bit long but your generous helps will improve my English a lot!