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    Question about "stakeholders"

    To contribute to our key stakeholders surpassing their expectations, including government, community, shareholders and employees.

    What does " stakeholders" mean? Thanks!

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    Re: about "stakeholders"

    A "stakeholder" may be an interested party, a party that has an interest or share in an organization or a commercial undertaking. Stakeholders of a company include stockholders, bondholders, customers, suppliers, employees, and so forth.

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    Re: about "stakeholders"

    I found some other definitions:

    An individual or group with an interest in the success of an organization in delivering intended results and maintaining the viability of the organization's products and services. Stakeholders influence programs, products, and services.

    People or organizations who are invested in the program or who are interested in the results of the evaluation or what will be done with results of the evaluation.

    Anyone with an interest (a stake) in a company. These include shareholders, directors, management, employees, suppliers, government, regulators, non-governmental organisations and the community at large.

    A person (such as a volunteer, client, donor, or employee) who has a special interest in the activities and decisions of an organization.


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