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    Please set me clear on the following in bold.

    1. People working on the antennas didn't know what control buttons the phone would have. People working on the materials that would be used for the screen and enclosure didn't have access to any details of the software, user interface.....

    What is "enclosure" here? Boxes or cases? Is there any alternative expression?

    2. For the iPhone, Steve had opened the doors wider than they had ever been at Apple to outside suppliers, as a way of getting new technology into Apple products more swiftly. In fact, the company that signed up to manufacture the iPhone admitted that they agreed to charge Apple less than it cost them, counting on the volume to become so large in time that their per-unit cost would drop enough to show a handsome profit.

    What does "it" refer to in the above, Apple or iPhone? It seems to mean "they agreed to charge Apple less than the cost it takes for them to manufacture the iPhone," but I'm not sure.

    Thank you.

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    Re: enclosure

    1. The enclosure is the case for the phone. Not the cardboard box it all comes in, but the outside physical structure for the phone itself, that holds and contains all of the other parts, like the screen, battery, etc.

    2. Yes, you have understood correctly. "It" means the phone.

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