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    Suggestions for man to man classes

    Dear Sir/Madame;

    I am an ESL teacher in the Philippines in a Korean language school for three months already; I need advice for the following:

    1. I believe that reading alot of English books will improve a student's English speaking skills, how do I develop a reading program for my students in a one on one context?

    2.How do I motivate them to study alone after classes, most of my students do not study after classes?

    3. What are the advantages of a man to man English class? How can I harness its advantages to teach the student?

    4. I have read four research journals on ESL Teaching and most of them say that the teacher should focus on drawing out the learning style and motivations of the student so that the student will take responsibility for his own learning. May you give me examples on how to accomplish this?

    3. What are the characteristics of an excellent ESL Teacher? We will have a teacher's performance evaluation at the end of the month, and I am planning to ask for a raise. I want to develop the skills that will serve as my bargaining power with my employer? How do I negotiate for a raise?

    Thank you very much in advance,

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    Re: Suggestions for man to man classes

    1-- Reading is not an efficient class time activity. It should be encouraged at home.
    2-- You must be strict in your requirement and come down heavy if they fail to perform (be sure however that they do have time to do homework; many of my students are too busy working).
    3-- You can adapt to the individual's needs and demands, and give them 100% of your teaching time. Focus on what THAT student needs.
    4-- Find out the student's hobbies, career and language goals, and other interests. Incorporate materials on those topics.
    5-- A good teacher is patient, uses time efficiently, and is attentive to the student as a human being.
    6-- You're not ready for a raise just yet.

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    Re: Suggestions for man to man classes


    1. & 2. Have you looked into Graded Readers? If not, have a look-see here:

    2. Find out what motivates people. What's fun, interesting, enjoyable?

    3. This one's easy: teach a one-on-one class.

    4. Have the students accomplish it for you. Have them show you their learning style(s) by having them tell you, either by written or oral report, how they would teach, say, a sport, or something that they're interested in. You'll be surprised how learning styles differ from learner to learner. Let them guide you. Also, you may want to do an online search under learning styles to get a better idea of what you'll be looking for.

    3a. Observe your colleagues. What skills do they have that make their lessons a success?
    3b. Negotiate: If you were the boss, would you give you a raise? Why? What's important to that particular school?

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