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    Wasted playing video games all night long? no?

    Yesterday a friend of mine called. We exchanged the usual greetings and went on to talk about our everyday lives. Somewhere along the conversation I said 'I got totally wasted playing this video game last night, all night long'. I continued on and told him about the video game that supposedly got me 'wasted'.
    1. Please take a look at the boldened part. I'm not sure if I used the idiom in the right place in the right fashion. If not, what would you write to replace it?

    2. I remember I used the word 'wasted' in the same manner before. And somebody pointed out that you'd usually use the word if you were helplessly drunk. Now, whether you drank all night or play video games with bloodshot eyes, you'd wake up with the same result. I don't see why I can't use it.

    What do you think? Should I have used some other word for after-effect of playing video games all night long?

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    Re: Wasted playing video games all night long? no?

    1- Looks fine to me
    2- I wouldn't use 'wasted' here, though others might. Being British, I tend to keep drinking terms for the pub, but then we have a pub culture. I might use 'wiped out'. However, I'm not a gamer, so they may use the term.

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