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  1. Ksenia

    How to overcome???

    Hello everyone!!!
    I've been learning English for some years!
    I made a great progress (for the last two years at my University)! I believr so!
    But when I should speak In English Im getting shy & embarrassed (especially with native speakers).
    Please gine me some advice to overcome it!


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    Re: How to overcome???

    Hi, Ksenia!

    Don't worry too much about it. Many people have this problem.

    I was once afraid to talk in English too, but my fear gradually disappeared. I think the best way to gain confidence is to put yourself in a situation which requires talking in English. Do you have a chance to go abroad, for example on a student exchange program? Or maybe you know a native speaker who would like you to show them your city? When it's just you and a native speaker, and nobody else, you just have to talk. And you don't have time to think about your mistakes!

    Anyway, you will become confident eventually, if only you don't give up. The first moment is always most difficult!

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    Re: How to overcome???

    Birdeen's Call is right of course and I'd like to add, by way of encouragement, that many native speakers of English, especially if they have travelled, are very used to having conversations with people like yourself. Because English is spoken all over the world and people who are learning the language like to try their English in conversation, many of us not only have a lot of experience in talking with learners and non-native speakers, but find it enjoyable and interesting. You might occasionally meet an impatient native speaker but that happens to anybody trying to learn another language, most people genuinely want to communicate and be friendly.

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