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    Question what's mean "bust out the big guns"

    what's mean of "bust out the big guns", I got it from this transcript:

    --Cut from transcript CSI 5.18, David want process the body, but Catherine think it not ready---------------
    DAVID PHILLIPS: Hey, Catherine, um, I was wondering if I ...

    CATHERINE: Oh, I'm sorry, David. We're going to need to keep the bodies in
    their original position for a while longer.

    (Catherine collects the hair strands and puts them in a bindle.)

    NICK: Yeah. Crime scene this messy, gotta bust out the big guns. You know
    what I mean? (David leaves the room.)

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    Re: what's mean "bust out the big guns"

    I usually hear "bring out the big guns" instead of 'bust out the big guns,' but the meaning is the same:

    This is a time to get more serious, use more tools, get more help, etc.

    Me: "This is too heavy, I cannot lift it."
    You: "Okay, this is a time to bring out the big guns. We can ask some friends to help."

    Me: "I have a very, very, very hard English question for you."
    You: "Okay, time to break out the big guns. Let me get my dictionary and schoolbook and workbook and I will try to answer your question."

    Me: "I can do this job"
    You: "No, it is too hard for you. I am going to get a better worker to do it."
    Me: "Oh, time to break out the big guns, hmmm?"

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    Re: what's mean "bust out the big guns"

    Thank for your kindly help

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    Re: what's mean "bust out the big guns"

    In the context of CSI it means to bring in the Crime Lab boss, the expert, the BIG GUN.

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