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    I'm winging it!


    Last weekend I was rummaging through a box of DVDs, which I thought had been long gone. In the box, among other oldies, I found a copy of the movie "Jumping Jack Flash" starring a young Whoopie Goldberg. Since I hadn't seen it in ages, I decided to put it in and allowed myself to be taken on a journey back to the 80's.

    About halfway through the film Terry (Whoopie) comes back to her apartment finding it broken into and messed up. Then her friend Marty drops by and they have the following conversation:

    Marty Phillips: [noticing Terry's dress, which has recently been partially run through a shredder] Am I just square, or is there something wrong with your dress?
    Terry Doolittle: [glares at him] I got moths. Big, mutant, junkie *moths*!
    Marty Phillips: Jesus, Terry. You got a dead guy, you got cops, you got your apartment trashed... what are you getting involved in? What are you doing?
    Terry Doolittle: I'm... winging it!
    Marty Phillips: [exasperated] Oh, you're winging it!
    Terry Doolittle: Yes, I'm winging it, Marty!
    Marty Phillips: Well, that's great!
    Terry Doolittle: Why, thank you!
    [She herds him out the door]
    Marty Phillips: Terry...
    [She slams the door in his face]

    What's the meaning of "I'm winging it!" here?

    Dictionaries only seem to offer me "to improvise" for "to wing it", but that doesn't make much sense in that situation.

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: I'm winging it!

    I´ve found some synonyms of `wing it´. Maybe `put together´ makes sense in this situation.

    Wing it Synonyms, Wing it Antonyms |


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