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    grammar help

    Please can you help me I have an English test and am struggling to match the following sentences to the correct grammar points as I dont fully understand them:- :(

    1. Where has he gone?
    2. I’d think twice if I were you.
    3. The cat was licking itself.
    4. Are you talking to me?
    5. Would you like to dance?
    6. She crashed her father’s car.
    7. They’ll be closing now.
    8. It’s opposite the school.
    9. It was the best thing to do.
    10. Not enough fruit is being eaten.

    b. preposition of location
    c. adjective
    d. infinitive
    e. past participle
    f. future continuous
    g. reflexive pronoun
    h. genitive
    i. uncountable noun
    j. second conditional
    . k. present continuous

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    Re: grammar help

    Welcome to, but we don't do homework for you or give you answers to tests. You have to do that yourself.
    If you don't understand some definitions, look them up in your books or online.

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