I'm Thai and I was assigned an essay about how to prepare when you face the accident. and this is my essay
Rules of Thumb for Emergency Landing
Have you ever experienced an emergency landing? Even if you havenít, it is necessary that you should plan and prepare for one to keep yourself secure. Ms. Mary Winston, the senior flight attendant at British Airways, suggests two rules of thumb to keep you safe as much as possible.
To begin with, be ready after the emergency landing is announced. As a case in point, during the emergency landing, the airplane is unstable. Thus, you need to take a seat in upright position with the comfort cushion, then firmly fastened the seatbelt in order to protect yourself from falling down and hurting others.
Moreover, it is advisable to evacuate the airplane when it is landed and stopped. Then, you must quickly go to the nearest exit and wait until the evacuation slide is activated and then jump onto it which all the procedures will be demonstrated by Ms.Winstonís assistant. Although you are safely outside the airplane, you need to get out of the dangerous radius by staying out of the airplane at least 500 feet.
You may think an emergency landing is not possible to occur to you. However, it is better way to be prepared, isnít it? Follow the two steps above when it occurs.

If I made some mistakes, you can correct them. And give me the marks which is totally 20 points. Also, you can comment what should be or give any ideas that are worth for me.