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Me and You (Part 1 – Confusion)

“Are you sure you want to further your studies in matric, Nisa?” Faiqah asked with a curious tone. Nisa and her best friend, Faiqah, were walking to their home. As Nisa looked up, she noticed her friend was reading her offer letter from Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan.

“Yes, I’m pretty sure about it,” Nisa replied, looking unsure. There was a doubt on her face.

“You have to think twice, girl. Well, I’m not going to matric Perak. It’s hard for me to survive there with my results. I rather not take a risk of jeopardizing my life. You know I’m not good in Science,” said Faiqah, sneering on Nisa’s decision.

“Stop it, Faiqah! Please don’t make me confuse with my decision,” she said harshly, “I really need your support. You are my friend. Right?” Nisa said disappointedly. She was really dismayed with her friend.

“I’m sorry, sweetie. I didn’t mean it,” Faiqah reached put impulsively for her hand, “ It’s my opinion only,” she said, looking at her friend. “Really, I meant it. I was sorry with my words,” Faiqah felt guilty on her behaviour just now.

“It’s ok. I’m sorry too. I was too emotional just now,” Nisa replied, plastering a smile on her face. “So, see you tomorrow, Faiqah. Assalamualaikum,” she said as she walked to her home, waving her hand to her friend.

The meeting with Faiqah made her mind so confused. Now she was not confident in her decision. Thanks to her, she grumbled. She knew that she was also not so good in Physics, Chemistry and even Add Maths and if she did not grab this offer, there will be no more chances for her after this.

I have to believe in myself. I know I can do it, Nisa told herself. Don’t listen to anyone, Nisa. You’re a smart girl!

The day had come quickly. Nisa and her parents went to Kuala Pilah for registration day. She was nervous and anxious on thinking living far away with her mom and dad.

Oh, how am I going to live here without knowing anyone? she wondered, I supposed listening to Faiqah before.

Her mom noticed Nisa’s worried face. “Nisa, you don’t have to worry. We will visit you every weekend, dear. You’ll be alright.” she calmed her daughter.

Nisa nodded slowly and looked out the window as she was picturing what would happen to her in the future.

What will happen to me in the future? Oh Allah, please help me in facing new phase of my life. Nisa prayed in her tangled heart.

Then, she saw a signboard of Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan. It must big and beautiful, she muttered.

The journey of her life would be started now.

Me and You (Part 2 – Latihan Dalam Kumpulan @ LDK?)

The first day of orientation week was a mess for Nisa. She felt so lost in a crowd of people. She had to queue for a long time to settle the registration things. There were too many things to be done in one day.

The worst part was each of the students needed to find their LDK’s group. Nisa went to the main hall and read a long list of names. Then she found her name after searching for almost ten minutes there.

“Finally. Nur Nisa bt Abd Rahman, LDK 108, Library,” she whispered.

She hated doing LDK things.

“Why should I join this activity? I’m bored and I don’t care about them,” Nisa complained, as she was about to find her seat in that group, waiting for her mentor to come.

She looked on her left and right. She did not bother to talk with anyone of her LDK mates. She was thinking about her family at home. Then she saw a boy sitting in front of her with a gloomy face. What’s wrong with that boy? Nisa wondered. She was interested to know him.

“Hi, I’m Nisa. What’s your name?” she asked politely.

“Azwan,” he said coldly.

“You look like my friend. Do you have any cousins in KL?” she asked again. Nisa remembered her classmate; Izam when she had saw his face.

“No, I don’t have cousins in KL,” he explained shortly.

“I see. Well, nice to meet you Azwan,” she stopped asking questions as Ms Jaya was about to start the ice breaking session.

Ms Jaya conducted few activities during the LDK. Nisa was quite enjoying herself and she was able made few friends during the session.

The orientation week was over and in the next morning, the lectures started.

Hmm… challenges are waiting for me after this. Be strong Nisa! she motivated herself.

Me and You (Part 3 – Adaptation and Frustration)

First day of lectures was hard for Nisa. She fell asleep while listening to a lecture. Her practicum mate, Nusrah tried to wake her up for a few times.

“Nisa, wake up,” she whispered as she was afraid Mrs Azreen would notice them.

“Emm.. Ok, I will.” Nisa opened her eyes for a while before closing it again. She slept soundly until the lecture ended. Nusrah shook her head as sign disapproval with her friend’s wrongdoing.

Nisa could not adapt her new life as a matriculation’s student. It was hard for her because she was never sitting down in a large room with more than 100 students in it. She could not understand whatever her lecturers were teaching in front of her.

By day to day, month to month she just could not adjust her life. Her life turned upside down. Her result for the first semester was not good compare to her roommates and friends. She could not face the music. She was frustrated and easily got annoyed. She gave up and she did not care anymore with her studies.

But everything was changed until she met him. The boy who was caught her attention in a first day in KMNS.