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    Fred Astaire tap dance

    Would you please make the following in bold clear?

    1. In the Stevian tradition, at Apple headquarters, on October 23, Steve stepped before the invitation-only audience and offered the world his beautiful new offspring, the iPod, a Fred Astaire tap dance of nimble technology.

    Is this saying "the iPod was a product of nimble technology that reminds us of a Fred Astaire tap dance"?

    2. Steve's retail approach also has a Trojan horse aspect, given that Apple's products are Windows-compatible. If customers have Microsoft Exchange on their iPhone, they're already halfway to getting a Mac as their next computer.

    I'm not sure what the above is saying. Please paraphrase it more easily.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Fred Astaire tap dance

    1 Not literally; it was simply a stunning piece of design, a superb example of nimble technology.
    2 If they are using Windows programs on an Apple device, then they are more likely to make the change from Windows PC to mac.

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