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    Please kindly help me to check essay

    I am going to take the Toeft, but I'm very bat at writing. Please help me to check my essay. I am very thankful for your comments and help

    Topic:Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
    Actions speak louder than words
    Use specific reasons and examples to support your response.


    In our society, there are a lot of ways to understanding about a person. I strongly believe in the way to evaluate a person by looking at what he does rather than looking at what he says.

    To begin with, the actions mean the practical things. The action is a progress to fulfill and come to the results while it takes about a few seconds to say out a thing. Actually, a person can say he or she can do the work but it is much more diffcult than he or she can do. I have myself an own experience about that. When I eat a soup which my friend made it for me, I think it is very simple but when I cooked myself, the kitchen became messy. Therefore, actions can prove your ability and what you can do while the words mean nothing.

    In addition, the people will look down on you if you just say and do nothing. Nowadays, the words seem to become unbelievable. Words without doing only prove someone as a broad guy. For example, in a political race, the people will listen and attract what the electioneer talks about but the person who prove to be able to do it is the winner. Or even he can win this season, he surely can not continue to win in the next season.

    Last but not least, actions can give you the oppurtunities to improve yourself. Actions mean the practice while words mean theory. When I practiced to cook the soup everyday, now I can really make it as delicious as my friends.

    In conclusion, the actions is not only the effective way to evaluate a person but also beneficial to develop personís ability.

    Thank you

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    Re: Please kindly help me to check essay

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