This is the eight part of my short story "Women", please would you proofread it.

The beautiful woman was still there, talking to another woman, whom Leif believed was her friend. Leif had watched them carefully. They danced together a few times and sat at the table sipping their drinks. He was pleased that no man was in their company. Leif's suffering would grew more intense if he saw other men around them. In that case he would have probably already left and returned to his flat, miserable and defeated. Now, there was still a glimmer of hope for him. The evening was quiet and the nightclub was soon going to be empty. Even if he would disgrace himself, there would not be many witnesses to laugh at him.

"What can I lose," he asked himself. "She is also a human being like myself. She must have her own problems, fears and inhibitions. Maybe she is just waiting that someone would make contact with her."
His heart pounded and his legs felt weak, but something inside him was telling him that he could not remain a coward all his life. He must do a brave thing even if he would be rejected. He must learn to cope with the defeats as all other men do.
He waited until his heart calmed down and then took his glass and walked towards their table. His cheeks were burning, his legs were heavy as lead, but he could not stop in this moment when so much was at stake.
He looked right into the beautiful woman's blue eyes and said, "Excuse me, haven't we met before?" This opening line he used only because one of his more experienced friends had told him was the the best way to start a conversation with a woman.

"I don't believe so," she answered giving him a broad simile.
Leif regretted that he tried at all and wanted to turn back and run outside, before people would start laughing at him, but second woman came to his rescue telling him to sit at the table. Immensely relieved, he sat down, his eyes jumping from one woman's face to another, his mind working fast to remember all the advice he had received from his friend.
"My name is Sofia," said the second woman who was brunette and not so beautiful as her blond friend. "And this is Linda, my niece." Leif shook hands with them looking them both in the eyes. He felt heat spreading inside him, a pleasant feeling which he wished to stay with him for days. They started talking and Leif relaxed.

Sofia was a chatterbox, while Linda was reserved. Later, Linda told him that she was here on a short visit. She lived in a boring little town where there was almost nothing entertaining and where people used to drink themselves into a stupor at weekends to forget their dull existence.
Listening to her sweet voice, Leif absorbed her every word, every expression on her angelic face. He noticed the way he was holding her glass, her red wristwatch, her long fingers with red painted nails and at least half of a dozen rings on the fingers on her both hands. His listened to Sofia talking, but his eyes turned inadvertently towards her niece. He wanted to toss her blond hair, twine his arms around her slender body and drown in her two blue eyes.