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    Hi all...
    what's the difference between ''would rather" and "prefer"?

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    Re: ???

    I'm not a teacher.

    I thought this thread was an interesting read. It explains that there really isn't much difference grammatically. "Would rather" is more of just another way of saying "prefer."

    If you want a condense and easily understood sentence, I suggest that you use "prefer." If you're aiming for something more informal, you could use either.

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    Re: ???

    The title of your thread does not give much clue to your question.

    Here are some helpful ideas that Raymott posted once:

    Here some useless titles (in my opinion):
    Help me with this word
    Urgent help needed!
    Grammar Q
    How should I say this
    Is this correct?
    Idiom meaning

    Here are some useful titles:
    Pernickety - what is it?
    IELTS exam information, please
    should or shall
    for the want of a nail ...
    future perfect
    trash - is this a verb?

    You could have used 'would rather or prefer?' for your thread.


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