I'm applying through "fox Universe it allows me to chose from different uni and degrees. Here the are:

BA Art & Technology
BSc Medialogy
AP diploma Design & Technology (Graphic design) Bookmark and Share
AP degree Multimedia Designer
AP diploma Multimedia Design and Communication (ATC)
AP diploma International Pattern Design - Specialising in Fashion
AP diploma International Design - Specialising in Fashion

I think I wrote pretty one-sided PS dont you think so? ArT is obvios my 1st choise and last 3-4 is just to fill the gaps :)
Deadline is near and I have plenty work to do, so I wrote it in two days. it might be rubbish. please revise and say what you think?

Personal statement

Dear Sir or Madam,
Creation is a powerful skill, an intriguing ability evolving from our originalities and perspectives. By formulating our own unique creations, we may endeavor to create a parallel between our imagination and the world in which we live. Since my childhood by drawing, designing and creating various objects I managed to run from daily life and disperse into my own universe. That indescribable feeling suggested that visual art is my calling and I should seek for more knowledge in this particular field of specialization.
I was thinking about a lot of career options but the most interesting for me seemed idea that contemporary art and technologies could be blended together. As I was researching and learning about it, I witnessed how artistic creativity shapes development of technologies. It provided me whit a look from a different perspective about the area of studies that I am aiming for. I was inspired by the fact that I could do something that has never been done before. I believe that boundaries can be pushed even further to create something new and unseen.
My hobbies and interest include music, films, reading and sports. I like playing football the most; it taught me to evaluate teamwork. As everyone I like to socialize, meet new people and have fun whit my friends. In addition my biggest passion is cycling. I know that travelling by bicycle is more challenging, but nevertheless more interesting that traveling by car. Bike trips provide me a lot more knowledge; during my ride I feel and see everything like local people are seeing, I experience the heat and the cold, the sun and the rain just like them. That way I can understand better and valuate local cultures, customs and people. Denmark is famous for well-structured cycling routes; I hope I could pursue my travelling and later one day fulfill my life-long dream to travel around the world whit bicycle.
Studies in Denmark, apart from obvious academic benefits, could give me a chance to get known whit foreign cultures and people from all around the world. In addition I feel need to get away from my social and geographical environment due to routine, seek for knowledge and desire to explore new places and faces. Opportunity to study abroad could provide me a boost of priceless experience, improve my view of values toward the world, intercultural communication and foreign language skills, enrich my culture and broaden the outlook.