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    Question used to and would

    What is the difference between 'would' and 'used to' or can they both be used interchangeably?

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    Re: used to and would

    There are some suggestions here:

    would, used to

    Would-used to

    Read those threads, and then come back if you still have questions.

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    Re: used to and would

    You use used to + infinitive to talk about something that happened regularly in the past but no longer happens.

    I used to play tennis a lot but I don't play very often now.
    Did you use to collect stamps?
    I didn't use to like her.
    I used not to like her.
    (more formal)

    Would is similar to used to but we only use used to, not 'would', to talk about states:

    I used to be much slimmer when I was younger.
    I would be much slimmer when I was younger.


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