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    Do you say "What's the time?"

    Dear all,

    When I ask the time, I say, "What time is it?" or "Do you have the time?", depending on the situation.

    The other day, I happened to hear "What's the time?" to ask the same thing, but it wasn't familiar to me.

    Do you think this is as common as the first two expresions?"

    Thank you!


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    Re: Do you say "What's the time?"

    I am not a teacher.

    It is far less common, but it is normal enough. I would expect to hear that only in certain situations, for example, when someone is ready to start timing an activity but can't see the clock or when someone wants to write down what time it is. They don't care where they are in the day so much as they care what the clock says.

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    Re: Do you say "What's the time?"

    'What's the time? is common in BrE among people who know each other. If I were to stop a stranger in the street, I'd be more likely to say:

    Excuse me, ...
    ... have you got the time, please?
    ... could you tell me what time it is, please?
    ... could you tell me the time, please?

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