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    It's my pleasure, hey

    Is hey an impolite expression of calling others to stop ?

    1) I should say excuse me, shouldn't I?

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    It's my pleasure.

    1) Is it a proper phrase to answer when someone asks me to do something? Is it too formal?

    2) Any other substitute?

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    Re: It's my pleasure, hey

    I don't think that hey is impolite but it is certainly casual. It is just an interjection intended to get attention. When you say "hey", you mean "I have something to say." In more formal contexts you should prefer "excuse me."

    "It's my pleasure" or simply "my pleasure" is courteous and never too formal or informal in my opinion. You could also say "I'd be delighted" or more casually "no trouble at all" or very informally "no problem".

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    Re: It's my pleasure, hey

    I am not a teacher.

    Where I come from, you don't say "hey" to a stranger like that. It would be considered rude. "Excuse me" is good everywhere, I think. "Sir" or "ma'am" work, too.

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