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    becomes you in progressive

    Sometimes we say things in a progressive tense that usually take a simple tense. "I'm having to work a lot." or "I'm guessing that..." I wonder if we ever say "It's becoming you."?

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    Re: becomes you in progressive

    Quote Originally Posted by ostap77 View Post
    I wonder if we ever say "It's becoming you."?
    I can't think of a natural situation in which I would utter those words.

    I suppose that if I were a sculptor working on a stature of you, there might come a moment when the material I was working on changed from something unrecognisable to something that was beginning to have features that were recognisably yours. It's not impossible for me to say then, "It (the statue being created) is becoming (taking on the appearance of) you."

    However, that is pretty unlikely.

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