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    Exclamation try to do something and try doing something

    Hello my dear masters,
    Would you please tell me the difference between these two sentences?

    1)Try doing something.
    2)Try to do something.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: try to do something and try doing something

    Yes, I`d like to know it too, and here is my understanding of it, if it`s ok, confirm that it really is, if it`s not please help.

    try doing:
    Let`s say there is a girl who wants a man to fall for her. She`s tried everything but it didn`t work, now she asks her friend what to do and her friend says to her: Try making a cake for him, if he likes it he will maybe fall in love with you.

    try to do:
    in the same situation if her friend gave her a piece of advice to `try to make` a cake it would probably mean that they both want the man to focus on the efforts of the girl, not on the cake as such. `Try to make a cake`- if he sees it (the efforts, not the cake) he will fall for you

    It would be better to understand it if someone for example underestimated somoeone else`s skills and the underestimated person would say then: if you are so good try to do it yourself

    That is how I understand it, that would be funny if there is no difference though

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    Re: try to do something and try doing something

    Try making a cake = make a cake to see if it gets you the man
    try to make a cake= go into the kitchen and attempt to produce a cake, without any guarantee of success

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    Re: try to do something and try doing something

    Thanks for very useful information I have read.
    I've learnt english for a long time, then I have been studying russian so my english got down so so and I forgot some grammar like this.
    Would you tell me please how to use stop/regret/go on/remember + to do sth/doing sth??
    I have done this test but the result was not so good :(
    This is test link
    Thanks so much.


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