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    Question Achilles Heel

    My english teacher in china told me if I'm very weak at something. I can say that's Achilles Heel or waterloo. But when I said to my american friend:" English is my Achilles Heel." he just didn't get it. Does it appear frequently, or nobody say that?

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    Re: Achilles Heel

    It depends on the person and the age group.
    Generally speaking, today's youth do not use the idiom "Achilles Heel".

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    Re: Achilles Heel

    Thank you very much ^^
    I may try to use it when I talk to old people 0_<
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    Re: Achilles Heel

    Any weakness.

    However, waterloo is very different. It refers to Napolean's great loss at Waterloo and means your undoing or end.

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    Re: Achilles Heel

    yep..... thanks

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