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Thread: Salt-water man?

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    Salt-water man?

    This is what I read from a short story written by E.B. White, below is the excerpt from it:
    "We then couldn't be able to find another place like that lake in Maine, so
    we returned there every year on the first of August for the whole month, I've since become a salt-water man"

    I don't quiet understand what a salt-water man means,
    anybody got the answer here?

    BTW. If anything I typed in this post is incorrect, please let me know, because I'm only a tenderfoot in English whose vocabulary and grammar
    are still pretty wonky.

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    Re: Salt-water man?

    I imagine that a salt-water man (as opposed to a fresh-water man) is a man who likes fishing in salt water, the sea.

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    Re: Salt-water man?

    As Five stated, a "salt-water man" is one who prefers to fish in salt water versus fresh water. E.B. White lived on a "salt water farm" in Acadia, Maine. However, calling it a "lake" was a bit of a misnomer, as that body of water was an estuary of the Atlantic Ocean. (There are only two inland salt lakes in the United States, one in Utah and the other in California.)

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