Hi to everyone here , i'd like to join you on this forum which is very helpful for all students over the world ..

anyway , i'd like to write a little essay and see what are my mistakes .. :=)
so i'm gonna write about Guns and weapons n Police about different points lol im not terrorist jajajajajaj

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Guns are very important in countries to be used by polices to keep the areas safe .In some countries as same as New Zealand , all the polices have not got a weapons during they working avoid polices's mistakes for different reasons .

There are many advantages for using guns by people such as that deter criminals and individual have the right to protect themselves .

however , also there are disadvantages of carrying guns or being legal such as the risk of accidents and the number of the crimes will be on the increase .In addition , most of people would be own one and it would be only way to solve all problems .

Police should use guns because most of criminals use them also it would be deterred by threating a criminal . Also , police can protect the public and keep the safety in the areas .