Respected sir, this is my Toefl essay. so please evaluate it and give me points out of 6. i hope i will get your genuine reply

Every coin has two sides same as Internet has also some beneficial as well as negative aspects which depends on the use of Internet. It is a fact that some people believe that because of Internet, degraded thoughts are inspired in person's mind whereas I personally support the laid motif that in today's era Internet is very relevant and useful tool which plays significant role in developing world. My opinion is described below with genuine reasons and examples.

The most fundamental reason for my preference is Internet plays an idle role in maintaining the long distance relationship. We can easily do chatting or mailing with our relatives through this facility which is very less time consuming. To support my reason I would describe an example of some people who live in different country but because of the Internet facility, they can easily meet on the web-cam and are able to share their daily conversation.

The second reason which I put forward to support my belief is Internet acts as a source of information by which people can easily increase their knowledge and creativity. For instance, when I was in the last year of my college, I have worked with big project team. At that time, because of Internet I could easily get all information regarding particular topic and have established very productive software. Not only this, but only because of Internet facility I can upload a couple of clip-art and download the important source code.

The last but not the least reason as why I support the use of Internet is, It is very less time consuming. In 21st century people do not have time as they have very hectic and busy schedule. Due to this, they can easily allocate the time to the Internet which sometimes feels very entertaining task as well as helps to alleviate their load of works. Moreover, people can download movies, games, songs, latest updates for getting refreshed.

Finally, in the light of above discussion we can say that although Internet has some drawbacks, it can be used as positive assets. For example, in case of knife we can use it to cut the vegetable for cooking or to kill the person. It depends on person's perception that how he use particular asset. Same as after considering all above mentioned points it is very obvious that Internet is also very useful tool in today's generation.