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    Can you tell me if the language in my essay is good and maybe correct it?

    Advertising has a positive social and economical impact on society by financially assisting the media, screening health promotion advertising campaigns and broadcasting new products and their comparative merits over similar existing goods in the market.

    Advertising is the livelihood of the media. Itís constant and generous funds create a wide and diverse media landscape that without advertising, would cease to exist. Like advertising, media is a business, and in all businesses, the bottom line is about returning a profit or perishing. Advertising provides a hefty source of income to the media, sustaining its survival and resulting in letting the public experience it at a low-cost or even free. Some may argue that the internet does not solely rely on advertising funds and could survive without it; however, the wealth that the internet does receive from the advertising industry funds new varieties of communication that breaks down barriers across the world by giving a voice to those who were voiceless before. Society needs the media; therefore, it needs advertising.

    Advertising broadcasts social marketing for a better society. Health promotion advertising raises awareness with anti drug campaigns and beneficial energy and water saving tips, significantly improving todayís civilization by educating the general public about the dangers of drugs and the importance of being environmentally conscious. Some suggest that the money placed in advertising would be better spent on causes or charities. This is incorrect because through advertising, charities and social awareness campaigns can unite with a bottom line. Charities relay on media to advertise. Itís too easy to blame all humanities faults on advertising; however, it is intuitive to recognise that advertising can be used to boost the populations understanding of charities, the environment and illicit drugs and raise their profile.

    Advertising increases value for customers. It encourages competiveness between two similar products or companies, promoting discounts and sales. Advertising informs us about new products that could improve our lives and. Some may try to argue that people can check out new products and compare them to others on the market themselves; however, this is the generation of extended unpaid working hours. We simply donít have time to go browsing through every store in the area, comparing prices and examining the latest merchandise. It is much more convenient to have advertising illustrate the hottest product and its value for money, making the choice to buy better and cheaper easier than ever.

    The media would collapse without the bountiful support from the advertising companies. Advertising health promotion is valuable and educational to the community. It promotes competiveness over comparable products in the market, resulting in lower prices. Advertising is exceedingly beneficial to society and the economy and is educational, informative and can support the very basis of our culture.

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    Re: Can you tell me if the language in my essay is good and maybe correct it?

    This appear to be a homework assignment. Please don't ask us to do or correct your homework; this is a place to discuss language.

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