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    interpret the following idioms

    Can somebody interpret the following idioms for me?
    1.A principal person does not Go back on his word.

    2.Julius visits his father once in a blue moon.

    3. The coup was planned but the cat was let out of the bag, before its execution.

    4. It is foolish to count one's chicken before they are hatched.

    5. During examination period, hardworking students burn the midnight oil.

    6. The provost works hard, but his only problem is he has many irons in the fire.

    7. Emeka is head over heels in love with chioma.

    8. he took his friend's advise to heart.

    9. When the armed-robbers visited his house, he had his heart in his mouth.

    10. Every wise person should keep ovie at arms length

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    Re: interpret the following idioms

    This looks like homework. Please do your own homework in future.

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