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    Smile Ordinary conversation.

    Hi teachers :)

    I have a niggling problem understanding some reply. This happen every time when i talk to a friend of mine. here is the context.

    I : Have a great day John.

    John : yous well.

    I am sure I heard the s sound and I guess the reply is you have a great day too. but I couldnt fine it in dictionary.
    does anyone know what it mean? is it "you is well"? or yours as well? (but i couldnt hear the r sound)

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    Re: Ordinary conversation.

    *I am an assistant ESL teacher

    Most likely he is saying, "you as well". As you realized from context, it has the same meaning as "you too". It is natural to run the "you" and "as" together like that.

    Why not ask him?

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