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Marketing Research is the tool that collects information from costumers, both existences and potentials. There are lots of methods and technics of gathering information referring to a specific market.
Marketing managers must examine well which way to reach out their addressed such as internet, emails, personnel, questionee etc.

First of all, one of the most important things when building up a Marketing Research System is defining the need of research and explaining it to entire organization well. Lack of understanding the need of research could cause low quality or misleading outcomes. All the steps of process directly belongs the question of "why we need to gathering market information?". Therefore, any member of process should be provided a guideline and frame which is explaining all the details.

Market Segmentation is another critical issue. For a super-tech automobile company, researching all middle of high levels of income segmentations could be too board so that leads lots of expense and unnecessary information. With the same idea, narrow segmentation provides missing out the opportunities in the market.