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Thread: Is it OK??

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    Is it OK??

    - This is a multi-objects project with many complex contents; many points are not same as other projects. Because of investing in poorest areas to assist ethnic group at remote areas to reduce poverty, therefore, its implementation met many difficulties. So far, the project has just disbursed 3,3 % total invest budget for one year implementation. The result reflects the common situation of others project. The inception period usually experience difficulties in implementing but this trouble is solved, the implementation process will be speeded up. However, the partners must coordinate to find out solutions to overcome the matter to accelerate implementation speed, and 1.200 billions VND will have been disbursed at 2009. The object of poverty reduction has achieved in sustainable manner, increasing income generation of the communities, and completed responsibility assigned task by Communist Party and Government.

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    Re: Is it OK??

    multi-objects- I'd say the project has a number of objectives (which sounds more likely than objects)
    ethnic group- one group or more?
    3,3 % total invest budget- 3.3% of the total investment budget
    The inception period usually experience- experiences
    but this trouble is solved, the implementation process will be speeded up- when or if?


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