1. It is a bedroom. Is it a bedroom? Yes, it is a bedroom.

2. It is a bed. Is it a bed? Yes, it is a bed.

3. It is a chair. Is it a chair? Yes, it is a chair.

4. There is a bed. Is there a bed? Yes, there is a bed.

5. There is a chair. Is there a chair? Yes, there is a chair.

6. There are two chairs. Are there two chairs? Yes, there are two chairs.

7. This is a bedroom. Is this a bedroom? Yes, this is a bedroom.

8. That is a chair. Is that a chair? Yes, that is a chair.

9. There is one bed. There are two chairs.

10. There are three pictures. There are two chairs.

11. These are chairs. Those are pictures.

12. There is one mirror and there is one table in the bedroom.