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    [Search in this folder] or [Search this folder]?

    I have the software dialog box with the list of folders. When the user selects one folder, right-click on it and in popup menu selects menu item, then the program starts search for files inside of the selected folder.
    Please advise the correct name for this menu item:
    Search in this folder
    Search this folder

    In my native language last variant sounds like "search for this folder" and this confuse me.

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    Re: [Search in this folder] or [Search this folder]?

    I am not a teacher.

    The verb "search" is intransitive in "search in this folder" and transitive in "search this folder". The meaning is about the same.

    The police might search your house if they thought you had drugs there. We would never say, though, that the police might search in your house, even though we would admit that that was what they were doing. That "search in" is a computer artifact.

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    Re: [Search in this folder] or [Search this folder]?

    Search this folder sounds more natural to me in the context, though both are correct.

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