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  1. shery


    Dear Teacher'

    I am not qutie sure about the meanings of the two bracketed clauses. Would you please give me a hand?

    1. He saw the two fighters close in on each other. [But he knew that this
    was not the beginning]. He had felt a big fight coming for a long time.

    2. He hit out with his fists and [felt the soft squish of wet mouths.]

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: meanings

    The first sounds as though the person watching felt that the contest had begun earlier, before the actual fight had started, so it didn't feel like it was beginning, but had been building up.
    'Squish' is the nois made when something soft and liquidy is hit with force.

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    Re: meanings

    While I can't say I'm a fan of nois.. I absolutely love 'liquidy'... I have never thought of that construction, but it is wonderful... melting jello is so liquidy.. the pool cleaner slipped and fell in the liquidly slop around his feet...

    Now if I can just work 'liquidacious' into a sentence this weekend I'll be a happy man...

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