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Thread: form of verb

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    Exclamation form of verb

    Please check the verbs in the following passage.
    Tensing Norgay (was called) ‘tiger of the snow’. From his early childhood he (was fascinated) by the snow which covered the high mountain peaks of Himalayas. In Darjeeling he (was introduced) to mountaineers and he decided to accompany them on their treks. He assisted them and carried their equipment. Many expeditions (were led) by him. After a few years he (was made) a sirdar. In 1939 he (was selected) by the Himalayan club for the tiger’s badge. This badge (was awarded) to sherpas who carry loads to very high altitudes.

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    Re: form of verb

    They're OK. You could use 'had been fascinated' for the second.

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