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    Invite? How do we tell if it's invitation or request?

    "Invite" sometimes means request someone to do something, in the following, does it mean request or actual invitation? I've always thought "You invite somone to a place" while "You invite(request) someone to do something".

    ex)"Play enourages taking reasonable risks." he says " It allows you to be flexible and creative". The search for novelty and the desire for something fresh is a hallmark of the state of play. And of course novelty and freshness are also central to creativity. At the very least then we should equip the next generation for the inevitable recessions of the future by encouraging water fights and inviting imaginary friends to join in."

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    Re: Invite? How do we tell if it's invitation or request?

    When you give somebody an invitation to your home you might speak to them personally or send a card, but an invitation doesn't have to be so formal. Calling out to a friend to come and join in the water fight, "Hey, come and help out", is still an invitation to get involved. In fact it doesn't even need words: "When she turned to look at me like that and then walked away, I didn't need a second invitation, I followed her".

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