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    Re: /ʒ/ sound

    The /dʒ/ and/ʒ/ sounds at the end of garage are said to be in free variation. Either can be used with no change of meaning.
    The 'dark /l/' at the end of pill and the 'clear /l/' at the beginning of 'lip' are in complementary distribution in my dialect. We recognise the two as being one phoneme, but native speakers will never use one allophone where the other is natural - even if they are not aware that they are using different allophones.

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    Re: /ʒ/ sound

    Quote Originally Posted by madziekD View Post
    hey! I've got a question. few weeks ago I had had a test in English phonetics and phonology, I was asked about "ʒ" distibution and had no idea what to say, I tried to find some info on Internet but I failed and haven't found anything. :(
    I studied Phonetics and Phonology some years ago, and I think that the question refers to the position of the sound /ʒ/. (I might be wrong)

    Gimson gives detailed information about it.

    "word-initial _ (in French loan words) gigolo, gigue, jabot, genre

    word-medial _ pleasure, leisure, usual, confusion, decision

    word-final _ (only in French loan words; an alternative pronunciation with /dʒ/ is possible) _ prestige, barrage, rouge, beige, garage

    in word-initial clusters _ does not occur

    in word-final clusters _ /ʒn(z)/ vision(s), in French words, when said with final /ʒ/, the cluster /ʒd/ is possible, e.g. camouflaged. Moreover for those who use final /ʒ/, rather than /dʒ/, after /n/, e.g. in arrange (d), the clusters /nʒ(d)/ may occur."

    I also found this.

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