Dear experts i am applying for Ph. D. So i am in need of Letter of motivation. Please take a look and suggest me corrections.

Thank you,

Nagendran. T

Letter of Motivation
I am writing to express my rigorous thrust in research in Microbiology, as I am interested in research from my childhood and would like to submit my candidature for the Ph. D program in one of the University in Germany. With a Bachelors and an M.S in Microbiology I expect that the Ph. D position will contribute enormously to my future career plans. I also believe that I would be a valuable addition to your project and research group.
I learnt basic microbiology as certificate course in Medical Laboratory Technology program, in the institute of Trinity Mission and Medical Foundation, where I obtained CMLT degree. I have studied Microbiology in the University of Bharathidasan, where I did my Bachelors and Masters Degree. I acquaint that in my college days, I am always an enthusiastic and research active student, because I knew that to pursue a scientific carrier, one must begin earlier. I did research in various areas such as Medical Microbiology, Fungal Pathology and Antibiotic Sensitivity of newly synthesized compounds on various major pathogens. Research in Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion, allowed me to participate in a project at the Central Electrochemical Research Institute, where we focus on the Bio Corrosion of rail steels. As a result, we published a research article entitled “Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion on Rails” in Current science journal and published 20 no’s of 16S rRNA gene sequences in NCBI – GENBANK.
Meanwhile, I worked for 2 years as a Medical Lab Technician in a diagnosing Medical Lab. Consequently I have learned lot of techniques in various fields such as diagnosing Medical Bacteriology, Virology, Parasitology, Clinical Pathology, Haematology, and Histopathology. After my studies I worked for 7 months in the Quality- Control field in Purified Drinking Water industry, where I got the experience in operation and maintenance of Reverse Osmosis unit including management and also learn about working with people with different discipline. I also strengthened my conviction to be a scientist.
In addition I have learned a state- of- the art techniques protege by highly qualified scientists: Dr. Pratipa Sharma, Indian Agricultural Research Institute during my summer training program, Dr. S. Maruthamuthu, Central Electrochemical Research Institute during my M.S- dissertation project work and Dr. G. Muralitharan, Bharathidasan University during my M.S program. I have attended lectures, practical training course, such as Diagnosing Techniques, Immunology, Molecular Biology and General Microbiology which taught more in subject practical knowledge.
I was a President of Rotract club in JJ arts and Science College and President of Chit Chat Club of Bharathidasan University, as I contributed services by playing a lead role in blood donating camps and awareness program for non curable disease like AIDS.
Ph. D program in your University is one of the few that offers the best opportunity to obtain Ph. D degree. I am intellectually prepared to participate in this Ph. D program and I am eager to lean to contribute and to have my knowledge complemented by that of recognized scientist from different disciplines who collaborates in this program. Your program offers an exciting interdisciplinary scenario, in which I will have the opportunity to pursue my area of research as a scientist: To understand the interplay between pathogens and host, to elucidate the Molecular mechanism of their interaction: to find an economical and potent novel Anti Microbial Drug. I would be grateful for your consideration if my candidacy for this program.
Yours sincerely,
Nagendran. T
Enclosure: Curriculum vitae