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    Red face Don't understand "slipping" in this case

    I talked to my friend a few days ago but I don't get what he meant by this - passage about compliments and slipping.

    me: When I will be 99 years old.
    him: That's not too far away. For you. :) (FYI- I am 28)

    me: You were always so good with
    compliments for me. Thanks, dear (sarcasm)

    him: Sorry .I'm slipping.

    Sorry, I'm slipping?
    Can anyone explain it to me, please???

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    Re: Don't understand "slipping" in this case

    'Slip', usually in the progressive form means 'make a mistake', 'do something out of character'.

    Emma: Brian didn't send me a birthday card this year.
    Luke: He's slipping. He's normally hot on birthdays and anniversaries.

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