This study characterizes Taiwanese EFL online forums with an aim to refute grand-narrative. Postmodernism liberalizes the approaches to pursue knowledge. Knowledge is no longer universal and finite. This study shows a deconstructed picture of Taiwanese EFL online learning contexts with the characteristics of postmodernism. The EFL adult learners are not only self-autonomous but also actively construct their literacy practices. Their subjectivities are not defined on the dimension of a primitive identity such as gender and race. Instead, it is through the literacy practice, the members’ taking part in the forum so that they perform fragmented, provisional and contextual identities. Additionally, the online EFL forums lessen intensive etiquette in the conventional social greetings of Taiwanese contexts. For this reason, hyper-real context frees the Taiwanese online EFL adult learners from the embedding structure and motivates them to draw on their English-self, and leave their ‘Taiwaneseness’ behind.