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    ask a quertion (important)

    what is the difference between 'rather' and 'fairly"?

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    Re: ask a quertion (important)

    What a great question! I hope to learn something here.

    I think that fairly is just about average, but rather is a bit more than average.

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    Re: ask a quertion (important)

    Rather is stronger than fairly.

    Bill did fairly well in the test.
    His marks were not unsatisfactory, but not brilliant.
    Ben did rather well in the rest. The speaker has a higher opinion of Ben's performance than of Bill's.

    You can use rather
    with some verbs:

    I rather enjoyed the experience,
    fairly enjoyed the experience.

    Try to give your thread a good title; people will see the title and decide whether to open it and read it or not.

    Question! or Urgent Help Required!!!!!!
    These are not good titles; they give no idea of what the thread is about.

    Fairly/Rather difference?
    This title is clear and people will instantly know what the thread is about. Try to include the theme or topic of the thread in the title. If you include keywords in the title, the forum software will automatically display threads with th same keywords at the bottom of the page, so you will be able to see other discussions on similar topics.

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